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It's ASK ME time!

Moriya from Boston said: "I make a lot of sandwiches at home and I usually use mayo, mustard, hummus or vegan butter etc. as a spread but I’m getting really bored with it all.. any other exciting ideas?"


Hi Moriya! Exciting you want- exciting you’ll get:



1 whole Trader Joe's soy chorizo

​Half of one onion, thinly sliced

3 tbsp coconut oil 

1 tbsp Harissa paste

3 tbsp tomato paste

Salt & pepper



1. In a medium skillet heat the coconut oil on high heat and add onions.

2. Cook the onions until they become brown and translucent. Keep an eye on the onions as the coconut oil heats up quicker than other types of oils.

3. Add the chorizo, break it down in the skillet using a wooden spoon and mix.

4. Cook for another minute then add the Harissa, salt and pepper, mix and let it cook for another minute.

5. Turn off the heat and put the mixture into a blender and mix.

6. Transfer the mixture into a clean bowl, add the tomato paste and mix well using a fork. 

7. Check for salt and pepper and you're done!


** If you would like the spread to be creamier add olive oil, and if you'd like it even thicker add some more tomato paste.


Try it on a fresh baguette with some arugula!   Enjoy :)

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