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Hosting a party?


Want to surprise a special someone? 


Or prove to your parents that you are a responsible adult who can cook?


Or maybe you want to cook a certain dish but not sure how to make it?


Or maybe you were too darn lazy to go food shopping and now you’re stuck with a few lousy ingredients and you have no idea how could they possibly come together to create an edible dish, so then you’re like “maybe I should order in” but then you’re like “but I ate out yesterday and I’m broke!” and then you’re like ” Meh, I lost my appetite just thinking about this” so you go on and watch t.v., and then an hour later you’re like “F**k! I’m starving! and it’s too late to order in or to start cooking!” So you eat another bowl of cereal. 


There’s another way. I can help! Just- ASK ME!!


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Feel free to use the form above to contact The Foodiator with any question or concern!


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