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The shorter version:

The Foodiator is Sharon. And Sharon likes to cook stuff.


The longer version:

The Foodiator was created by the actress, writer and amateur chef Sharon Ben-Tovim.  


My romance with food, cooking and entertaining started at a very young age when I decided to open my imaginary restaurant and feed my guests (usually my parents and/or other victims who happened to be in the house at that moment) my creative and yet inedible food!

Cooking has always been my occupational therapy and it has also been the best way for me to express myself without being dependent on anyone or anything. The thing I enjoy most about cooking is that I get to feel like the nutty professor, because every dish I make is an experiment! And yes, after I’m done my kitchen looks just like a nutty professor’s lab would look like after an intense experiment or breakthrough...


Before I became vegan I was certain, just like many other people, that cooking vegan would be complicated. But what I’ve learned after only one month of being vegan is that that assumption is so WRONG!

The idea for The Foodiator came to me shortly after becoming vegan, when I met people who’ve been on the fence about making that change solely because they fear that cooking vegan is more complicated, or dull. It bothered me so much that I decided to start writing down everything I use in my dishes so that I can finally start sharing my recipes and hopefully make those people realize that you can enjoy cooking vegan, you can enjoy eating vegan and it most certainly doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated!


So let's all cut the BS, put on our granny’s aprons (yes, you too men) and let’s start cookin’!!


The Foodiator.

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